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/r/books AMA 2015 ()
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Do both 'The Path' and Kelsier's religion have actual gods? I remember Sazed talking about Kelsier and Vin in whatever afterlife exists, but are Kel and Vin also proper gods or just dead hero mistborn?

Brandon Sanderson

This is discussed in the next books.

Basically, you can look at it like Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism has gods, and many Buddhists don't deny those gods exist, but they follow a different path. Obviously, the doctrines and practices are not the same as those two religions, but the relationship is somewhat similar.

It does get complicated in that Harmony doesn't particularly want to be worshiped, but people want to worship him anyway, and find ways to sidestep into religion. Survivorists worship the Survivor, but don't QUITE treat him like God.

Calamity Philadelphia signing ()
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Mason Wheeler

We’re told that anyone pierced by metal is vulnerable to the influence of Ruin and Harmony, but in every case that we actually see it’s not just pierced by metal but an active Hemalurgical spike.

Brandon Sanderson

Yes, that is what they mean. So “Anyone pierced by metal can’t be trusted” means “That might be a spike”.

Mason Wheeler

So why does the Path say “everyone wear an earring when you pray” if it’s not...

Brandon Sanderson

It’s tradition. Just in the same reason that you wear a cross when you’re Christian and things like this. Like this has become part of the religion.