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Whenever you can see an entry, you will see a row of buttons in the top right.

  • Edit (signed-in users only). You can make suggestions to the content of the WoB.
  • Save (signed-in users only). Add a WoB to one or more of your Collections.
  • Share. Copy the URL of that WoB to your clipboard.
  • Copy. Copy the full text of that WoB (including a source link) to your clipboard.


Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for specific WoBs. Using the search bar will bring you to the Advanced Search page, where you can view search results or refine your search with additional options. See the Search Help page for additional help with searches.

"Discover" Menu

If you are a new user trying to find your way around the site, most of the pages you’ll want to visit are under the “Discover” dropdown menu.


You can see a list of recent events on the Arcanum home page, but if you navigate to the Events page, you will see a comprehensive list, and you can click through its multiple pages.


The Recent page lists every WoB in order of date. You can sort in three ways:

  • Creation Date – When the entry was initially created in Arcanum.
  • Modification date – When the entry itself was most recently edited.
  • Recorded date – The date shown on the entry, when the question actually took place.


This shows all tags in order of how many WoBs they have been attached to. Clicking on a tag will bring up all of its WoBs, the same as if you searched for that tag using the Advanced Search options. At the bottom of the page, there are Event tags, but they are not integrated into an Event search feature yet.


This page lets you find transcriptions of all the readings Brandon has done since Arcanum's creation. Follow links to read the full text of a reading and listen to its audio. Note that "reading" entries are typically marked as "not searchable" to avoid clutter in search results and so cannot be found through a simple search. Use this page to access readings.

User Menu

These features are only available to users who are signed in. Feel free to sign up for an account!


This page lets you manage your collections of WoBs. See the Collections Help page for more details about this feature.


Here, you can change your password or change the number of entries that appear per page when you use the search feature.

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Welcome to Arcanum, the Brandon Sanderson Archive. We're here to collect everything Brandon ever says about his books--the "Words of Brandon," as they are called--with a focus on collecting information related to the cosmere.


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