Recording Audio


For many years, it was permitted to record audio of signing lines at book releases and conventions. Due to legal concerns, Dragonsteel Entertainment is currently requesting that these signing lines not be recorded wholesale by anyone without special authorization.

If you are attending a convention panel, book reading, or other public event of Brandon's where recording is permitted by the venue, we encourage you to record from your seat.

If you are planning to go through a signing line and ask Brandon a question or sixteen, we encourage you to record audio of your exchange on a recording device (such as your phone) so that the exact wording can be transcribed.

Uploading Audio

Audio posted publicly, either by Dragonsteel or some other source, will be added to Arcanum by an Arcanist. Users do not need to upload audio from Brandon's YouTube channel, for example. The instructions below are for audio that you recorded personally.

Go to the event page in Arcanum. (If you do not see your event on the main page, check the full event list. Events with no entries do not appear on the main page.) On the bottom-right of the event's page, there is an “Upload sources” button. Click that and follow the directions to upload your audio.

Once the audio has been uploaded, it will remain hidden from other users until a staff member can review it. This involves listening to the entire recording, looking for any points where Brandon speaks to the recorder and asks for something to be removed from the record. (It may be spoilers he doesn’t want on the internet, it may be an extremely personal story, or it may contain someone’s identifying information.) While the staff member is doing that, they will also prepare the audio for transcription by creating snippets of all relevant WoBs. This process may take a week or more, depending on how much audio is uploaded from an event and how much time staff members are able to devote to it.

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