Using Bots

On Discord

You can invite the WoBinator 4000 bot to your Discord server, where it will help you search and cite WoBs, among other features. The Arcanum-related commands are:

  • !wob will quote the WoB. Obtain the link using the “share” button.
  • !wob “word” will search for WoBs with that word. You can use the reactions underneath to cycle through. Many search modifiers (shown on the Search Help page) will also function.
  • !wobrandom will pull up a random WoB.

WoBinator 4000 will also pull information from and the Coppermind wiki.

  • !coppermind will quote the first line of a Coppermind page and pull a link.
  • !wobprogress will post the latest writing progress bars from
  • “Check the Gemstone Archive,” “Ask the Silent Gatherers,” and “Consult the Diagram” will all pull lists of excerpts of Stormlight chapter epigraphs from the Coppermind wiki. Use the reactions to scroll through.

WoBinator 4000 has a Github repository as well, found here.

On Reddit

The_Lopen_bot is a Reddit bot currently active in r/Stormlight_Archive, r/Mistborn, r/Cosmere, r/brandonsanderson, and r/cremposting which will reply with the text of linked WoBs or perform a search. The text will be covered with spoiler tags by default.

The_Lopen_bot will respond to any comment in these subreddits that contain a hyperlink to an Arcanum entry with the text of the linked WoB(s). To perform a search, enter "!WoB" in your comment followed by any search terms and the number of results you would like (5 by default). Additionally, adding "no tags" to the end of the query (where appropriate to do so) will cause the bot to respond without using spoiler tags.

Note that the bot can also perform Coppermind searches. See here for more details.

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