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Oathbringer Houston signing ()
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I wanted to ask about the Returned and the Fused. I haven't gotten all the way through [Oathbringer]... With the Spiritual Realm, is it very similar for how they don't return, versus the Returned coming back and the Fused staying?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Yeah, there is a similarity there, for sure.


Is it related at all... So, a thunderclast. Is it similar to Awakening?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Kinda, but a little further out. You'll figure out-- that one's explained pretty well in [Oathrbinger].

Skype Q&A ()
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Do the Fused still require a bond with a spren for maintaining a form/full sapience, or does the Investiture that makes them Cognitive Shadows fulfill that requirement?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

They do not require a bond with a spren, so yes, the Investiture handles all of that.