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In Rhythm of War, Notum tells Adolin that:

“Deadeyes can’t make choices,” Notum said. “They don’t have the presence of mind for it. I know this personally. My own father is a deadeye, cared for in the fortress now.”

Is this a mistake, conflating Captain Notum with Captain Ico? Notum's father would've been born centuries or millennia after the Recreance, going off what Notum says in Oathbringer:

“The Stormfather created only a handful of children. All of these, save Sylphrena, were destroyed in the Recreance, becoming deadeyes. This loss stung the Stormfather, who didn’t create again for centuries. When he was finally moved to remake the honorspren, he created only ten more. My great-grandmother was among them; she created my grandfather, who created my father, who eventually created me.”

So if he's become a deadeye relatively recently, it's surprising they didn't use him as an example instead of Testament.

On the other hand, Ico's father is definitely a deadeye:

Ico locked the door and hung the keys on his belt. “My father.”

“Your father?” Adolin said. “You keep your father locked up?”

“Can’t stand the thought of him wandering around somewhere,” Ico said, eyes forward. “Have to keep him locked away though. He’ll go searching for the human carrying his corpse, otherwise. Walk right off the deck.”

Peter Ahlstrom

Notum did not get conflated with Ico. Ico's father is not cared for in Lasting Integrity.

But the quote from Oathbringer apparently was forgotten. We'll have to address this sometime in the future.

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Im thinking on using a marewill flower in a tattoo soon but after searching i cant decide which flower resemble the most. If you ever thought about it which would be your decision?

Ben McSweeney

There’s a canon design forthcoming at some point soon. It became important enough to make something of it.

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Ben McSweeney

Scouts will pole-vault across chasms where they cannot leap them. Bridge crews portage and push (lift! run! drop! push!) their bridges across.

The maximum chasm width a Sadeas bridge can cover is about 15', perhaps a bit more with the right staging. This doesn't sound like much, until you consider that the goal is to move an army. Even small gaps of as little as 3-5 feet need to be bridged when you're going to march a few thousand men and materiel across them and you don't wish to get held up.

During bridge assaults, multiple bridge crews are sent in at the same time in order to divide enemy response. Parshendi will fire at the crews with arrows, but they need to withstand covering fire at the same time (with little coverage of their own) and they are not carrying a wealth of arrows (fletching and shafts being hard to source on Roshar, especially without soulcasting) so they do run out of ammunition.

And still, running a bridge crew is considered a death sentence. It's incredibly dangerous, deadly work. And it is meant to be so, Sadeas uses it as a punitive threat for discipline in his own warcamp and considers the bridgemen to be human shields, absorbing arrows that might otherwise be shot at someone useful (by his standards).

The main advantage to a Sadeas bridge is speed of deployment. He can get his troops out and across the Plains faster than almost anyone else using any other method (Dalinar's siege-bridges are much safer for the troops and engineers, but they advance at a painfully slow pace). And this speed of action is of the greatest importance, when you consider that the goal of the Shattered Plains War is not the elimination of Parshendi, but the acquisition of gemhearts.

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Man what are they even gonna do with all this money [from the Secret Project Kickstarter]

Brandon Sanderson

Don't get me wrong, this is a huge amount of money--and I'm blown away by all of this. But at LEAST half of that will be dedicated to printing and creating the various books and cool items we'll be shipping out. It might be more, depending on how shipping is accounted in that Kickstarter number. We don't charge any service charge for shipping, so all of that money passes straight through from you to paying to get the books/swag to you. I can't remember 100% how Kickstarter counts this in that final number, but I BELIEVE it's in that total. If so, all that money (which is a good percent of each purchase) passes straight through to the shipping people.

(A note to international people. I really do hear you about the outrageous shipping. We've actually been talking to other people who have successfully gotten things printed and shipped inside Europe, and we're going to figure this out. I can't promise it for this kickstarter, but we WILL get this right eventually for at least Europe--and try very hard for Canada and Australia as well.)

Anyway, from what's left, I'll pay my team--and then give them a healthy bonus, because without them, the kickstarter portion just can't happen. I'm not going to doing the art myself, nor am I going to be in a warehouse shipping all of this out. I want them to be enthusiastic when kickstarters happen, not dreading them. So we'll make sure they're taken care of and happy.

40% of what is left after THAT will be saved for taxes and other unforeseen potential problems.

I'll still be left with a nice chunk, don't get me wrong, and much of that will probably go toward building the community bookstore that me and my team have been wanting to do for years.

I will almost certainly buy myself a nice magic card or two as well. A few of my Alpha/Beta duals are still white bordered... :)

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I hope this is just one more tool in Brandon's arsenal for getting adaptations funded, and allowing him to be a big hand in what they look like. I mean... what studio can ignore the author of the largest kickstarter campaign of all time ?

Brandon Sanderson

This is a big point that I think is really relevant.

I've been holding out on adaptations, lately, until I can be absolutely certain the deal I'm getting gives me a lot of creative influence and power. Maybe not final cut, but more power than your average author--and certain assurances about what can't be changed narratively.

One of the goals for this kickstarter was, secretly, to make Hollywood pay attention. I had no idea how far we'd go, but what has happened here WILL make things over there easier--and will influence the strength of my negotiating position.

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I believe that it was mentioned long ago that your one of the people Brandon goes to check if his science is right. If so what is your favorite and least favorite of Brandon's crazy science in his books(cosmere and not) and how does the craziness of the SPs feel for you.

Peter Ahlstrom

Secret Project 1 does not work astronomically at all, but it’s a fun idea. I’m more fine with the crazy world on Secret Project 4. I love that Brandon has these wacky ideas for worldbuilding, even if there’s just no way to make it work. For things that are somewhat plausible I do the best to make it work. For those that are just impossible, I don’t spend too much time worrying about them.

Yolen is totally impossible but it’s such a cool concept. I haven’t previously decided what my favorite and least favorite crazy science concepts are. But I do love the concepts of burning metals and breathing in Stormlight. Navani’s discoveries in Rhythm of War were very fascinating to me.


Do you mean the fain life, or does Yolen also have weird astronomy (like basically every Cosmere world at this point xD)? Or something else that's a RAFO?

Peter Ahlstrom

It has weird astronomy.

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Do you ever get sneaky information from behind the scenes? If so do you ever look through Reddit or the web to see if anyone has posted that theory yet?

Peter Ahlstrom

I love this question. Yes, all the time. And yes.

For example, there is a scene where a Herald appears, and I haven’t found anyone who has posted that they think that person might be a Herald.

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It has been stated repeatedly that the cognitive realm is geometrically flat. Like, flat earth flat. However, it is mathematically impossible to turn a sphere (such as the surface of a planet) into a flat plane without cuts or overlaps [by the Borsuk-Ulam theorem]. So my question is simply… how does the cosmere resolve these issues? Are there places on every planet where if you walk across a line in the physical realm, you’d now be in a completely different spot in the cognitive realm? Or perhaps places where two points of the physical realm collide in the cognitive realm?

Peter Ahlstrom

Good question. And I don’t have an answer. I’ve always like Dymaxion maps, and those have big gaps. I would be fine with Shadesmar being non-Euclidean.


Thanks for the answer! If I may ask for clarification, when you say non-Euclidean do you mean going back on the whole "Shadesmar is flat" thing (since Euclidean just means flat), or do you mean it having a structure like e.g. the mentioned Dymaxion map (or perhaps even wilder things like planets being entirely disconnected)?

Peter Ahlstrom

I mean something like when you get to where the edge of a segment on a Dymaxion map would be, you step across seamlessly into the next section even though there should be a huge gap.


I had always envisioned the cognitive realm as a Möbius strip. Flat, one sided, infinite, and ultimately a (sort of) loop. Is that accurate?

Peter Ahlstrom 

I don’t know if it’s a loop at all.

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Do you have a team? If so, how is it set up? Does everyone do a bit of everything? Is there an astrophysics division, artifabrian division, what-the-heck-did-Brandon-just-say-Shallan-did-with-a-single-broam division, etc? And how did you find the right people for the job?

Peter Ahlstrom

My team is Karen as continuity director, Betsey as do-whatever-Peter-asks-next minion, and starting in June, Kristy G as production editor. I also have a huge team of beta and gamma readers. And then there’s the Investiture Project, which is a group of 17th Sharders who keep track of magical minutiae.

People fall into these jobs. It has developed organically over time.

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Given Brandon's answer to a block of Cheese stopping a shardblade, how does the last clap work?

Brandon Sanderson

So, I'll admit, I've been considering the cheese question since it was asked.

I'm not sure if it has to be cheese. But any object that is sufficiently thick but also sufficiently pliable that it's going to press down on the blade while it's cutting IS going to create drag on the blade.

The Blade does, by necessity of my understanding of the relevant physics, need to be able to vaporize a tiny bit of matter into Investiture while cutting, in order to create space for the Blade to continue to slide through. This is related to why it doesn't cut things with souls.

At the same time, I'm not convinced that this is relevant to the actual question being asked. I think that I have to relent that, with a sufficiently large block of cheese and a Shardbearer trying to cut lengthwise through it, the drag produced on the flat of the blade is going to tire the Shardbearer. Making cheese legitimately more difficult to cut through than stone or metal. And a big enough block of cheese might stop the slice straight up, because the weight placed on the blade will be pretty heavy.

That said, the top replies to this thread are pretty relevant, and are correctly explaining the mechanics of the situation. There is this little "shield of vaporization" around a Blade while it cuts, so a thinner Blade (like Szeth's Honorblade) might not have this drawback at all. It depends on how far back the shield of vaporization extends, and how thick the blade is.

My current instinct says that wider blades would be stopped by this, and so those of you planning to make ten-foot-thick walls of cheese to stop an invading Shardbearer can continue in your...endeavors.

Remember, kids, keep your Shardblade thin for actual combat (for multiple reasons.) Only make the big showy forms when you're trying to look intimidating. (With a nod to the fact that a thick blade does tend to be better for getting through Shardplate, giving you more mass to hit with. Choose Adolin's Blade for Shardplate Duels. Szeth/Jezrien's Honorblade for cheese.)

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Would you mind shedding some light on The Traveler? It appears to be an old short story written about a conversation between Hoid and Frost. My question is - will we ever see this published? Perhaps in the sequel to Arcanum Unbounded? Is this all there is to the story or is this just a snippet?

And speaking of Arcanum Unbounded - what's the current status of the Nalthis essay? Previously Dragonsteel said it was going to be in the leatherbound version of Arcanum Unbounded. Is that still the plan or now that there are so many new systems, will it likely be held off to serve as content for the sequel?

Peter Ahlstrom

I thought The Traveler already appeared in a JordanCon anthology. Am I remembering wrong?

That is still the plan for the Nalthis essay as far as I know.

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I asked Brandon if it was possible for us to get a quick sketch of the mural so we try to dig into the symbology better and he responded (paraphrasing), "that's a good idea but I would have to talk to Isaac." 


 I'm also quite intrigued by the mural, and I've created a folder of ideas of how we might approach it. Unfortunately, it would take a lot of time and continuity to get right, and right now we need to be working on upcoming books. I could see this, however, being something we include in the art book. (But I'm not making any promises.) Still, this is something I'd like to put together someday.

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"Deadeyes can't make choices," Notum said. "They don't have the presence of mind for it. I know this personally; my own father is a dead eye, cared for in the fortress now."

Third listen of the book, and I only just clocked that. I was under the impression that every single honorspren at the time of the Recreance became a deadeye, and that all currently conscious one's were descended from those the Stormfather made later (aside from the Ancient Daughter). How in the world can Notum's father be a deadeye without him being one too?

Peter Ahlstrom

We became aware of this error sometime in the past year. Turns out Brandon momentarily confused Notum with the Reacher ship captain, who does have a deadeye father. The line will be changed eventually.

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Brandon Sanderson

The problem is not that the covers [for Mistborn Era 2] are bland. The problem is that book series take a long time to write.

When we repackaged Mistborn in 2007, this was the hot style. (When we picked this same style but with a different artist for elantris in 2005, it was right at the revolutionary point where these photo-realistic covers were hugely striking on the shelf.) You might not have liked it even then, but trust me when I say it was a very trendy and original style.

However, visual art tends change far faster than literary trends. So covers of a series grow outdated fast. In 2010, when we we're covering Alloy, this style was still hot enough. But then it became so hot it grew stale.

This leaves us with a problem.

Do we change mid series to newer covers, and leave fans with an unmatching set of hardcovers? Or do we continue with an outdated style, and then recover when the series is done? I'm perfectly happy to change our method if people want, but so far, we've erred on the side of staying consistent. (And yes, paperback recovers are already being designed.)

None of this is to say the artist is anything other than excellent. He is wonderful, and could give us something else if we asked. But again, then the books wouldn't match.

One of the issues here is that the U.S. market prefers visually eye popping styles that are more illustrative, but then get outdated faster. While more iconographic styles like the UK uses tend to last longer but never be as dynamic. I know a lot of you prefer those styles, but they can get very bland. (If safe and stable. See the UK wheel of time covers.)

There's a middle ground of course and all kinds of shades in the middle.

Let me know your thoughts! I'll glance back at this thread over the weekend. Would you rather we repackage mid series and give you more interesting covers but not have the series match?

EDIT: I did check back, and found what I expected. (Though it's good to have confirmation.) Keeping the books consistent across a format is how I'll still proceed, though I AM going to try to get some of our newer covers to try different things to see what you all think. And a I mentioned, if this cover style isn't for you, there's a repackage coming for the whole series (original trilogy and W&W) likely in trade paperback (the oversized paperbacks) coming sometime in the near future.

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Someone in the last spoiler stream pointed out that there's an OB flashback where Evi is pregnant, and it reads like it's referring to Adolin. But the timing doesn't work out. They supposed she could have had a miscarriage, and it's just never mentioned in the books. The explanation technically fits... But I doubt it was the intent.

The timeline of the group traveling in Shadesmar in Oathbringer is kind of wacky. The time from Kholinar to Celebrant is extremely asymmetrical with the travel time from there to Thaylen City. I'll be curious to see if they tweak a mention or two of time passing in the OB leatherbound down the road...

In TWoK it reads like Kaladin spends MANY weeks in Bridge Four before he goes to the Honor Chasm. But when you do the math it's something like two weeks? (ten Rosharan days) One of those things where there's nothing technically wrong, but doesn't seem to have been the intent.

Another goofy one is that Shallan spent 6 months chasing Jasnah around by ship to petition to be her ward. Which, when you look at travel times elsewhere in the books, is pretty ridiculous. Did they like, sail around the whole continent once or twice?

The single biggest issue, in my opinion, is that the whole Veden civil war happens in about a month. Navani shares the news about the Assassin in White murdering King Hanavanar at the end of TWoK. That's what sparks the war. Then you have Taravangian showing up in Vedenar in Words of Radiance, prior to the Everstorm, at the end of the war. The Thrill was involved, and tensions were building for a long while... But I'm not sure how they fought a whole war (with their level of technology) in a single month in a country that large.

Peter Ahlstrom

I asked Karen about these. She says:

  • Evi's pregnancy

OB CH 36, where Evi is pregnant, is timestamped 24 years ago.OB CH 49, where Adolin is born, is timestamped 23 years ago.A pregnancy on Roshar takes seven of their months. We give the timestamps half a year of leeway.

  • Shadesmar travel time

I don't have the calculations handy, but we certainly did them. The ship they got from Celebrant was faster than the one they took getting there, and it took them far enough that they could do a forced march to Thaylen City at a specific number of miles per day and arrive on time. We REALLY spent a lot of time getting this right.

  • Honor Chasm timing

Kaladin is in Bridge Four 18 days before going to the Honor Chasm. He was already close to suicidal before joining.

  • Shallan chasing Jasnah

It really depends on how directly they traveled and how long they stay in port. The Wind's Pleasure could have gone back and forth to smaller ports with shipments before they could find one going to the city she wanted to go to.

  • Veden Civil War

I see it as having been a few small battles in each princedom, but then everyone saw a chance to be king and they converged on Vedenar. That left power vacuums in the princedoms and smaller landlords fought there. I don't think that most of the country was in as bad shape as Vedenar.

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So Haunted Man is Nazh right?


That’s what I’m thinking so I hope one day we get some context as to how he went from an antagonist to someone [Nicelle Sauvage] is galavanting around with! Maybe when u/Izykstewart finishes Boatload of Mummies we’ll know a little bit more about the in between??

Isaac Stewart

Maybe someday there will be more context to that. :)

#22 Copy

Brandon Sanderson

Well, this [Moonbreaker] is one of the things that was taking my time three years ago. I actually did the "hand off" on this about a year ago, meaning while I'm still involved, the really intense work for me was done a while ago.

This is, by the way, the project I'd nicknamed Soulburner in my yearly updates. I was deeply involved in the game's development during its initial years. Lately, I've mostly been watching and cheering them on, as the world building and story creation were done early.

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Do you think you'll do the warbreaker sequal, if it comes before stormlight 6-10 or after?

Brandon Sanderson

I'm not promising this one, as I'm going to have to stretch to do Elantris 2 and 3, and they come first. But it is one of my goals.

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When Vin first meets Slowswift he mentions among other creatures ‘spren’!

Wonder how he knows about them. What ties does he have

Brandon Sanderson

This swap was Peter's suggestion, I believe. He loved the idea of slipping in a minor Easter egg for the latest version.

Unfortunately, spren weren't in the version of Roshar I had finished by 2005-6, and the writing of Mistborn 3.

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Gentlemen, i have gamed the system. [Diagram of infinite energy being generated by Terrisman storing weight on a Ferris Wheel.]

Brandon Sanderson

I realize this is mostly for fun, but I will say you have discovered the reason why weight manipulation feruchemy has to play by slightly different rules from most other parts of feruchemy, and why it fascinates Khriss so much. (To the point of going in person to interrogate someone on the subject, something she rarely does.)

#27 Copy


So I don’t know if this is ever addressed but what happened to Wax’s uncle Edwarn’s wife?

I mean she was with Edwarn and Telsin in the faked carriage accident. The carriage ride was supposedly them trying to go see a particular vista but they couldn’t hike because of Edwarn’s wife’s inability to hike, at which point the carriage had an accident and everyone was reported as dead. As we later find out, this was faked and we see Edwarn and Tesin survived.

They never mention what happened to Edwarn’s wife, however. Did she actually die in the carriage accident? If so, was that planned and Edwarn basically murdered his wife? If not, Will we see her show up as part of the Set?

Peter Ahlstrom

Yeah, she is dead. We may have clarified this a little in the Alloy of Law leatherbound, but I can’t remember for sure. The subject definitely came up.

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The Atium we experience in Era 1 is actually an alloy of Atium and Electrum called Nalatium. The stuff produced by the pits was naturally an alloy. 

Peter Ahlstrom

The name nalatium is not canon.


But what about alloys of lerasium with allomantic metals - can anyone still burn them to become a misting of that metal?

Peter Ahlstrom


#29 Copy


The way storing weight works in Feruchemy annoys me to no end, because regular laws of physics just don't work. Sazed once jumps from a height then reduces his weight to be light as a feather, but the energy should, in theory, stay the same, so his speed should increase to account for it, hence smashing into the ground at a massive speed. This is just one of the issues, there are many more like the one you present.

That being said, I just thought about storing of weight as storing energy, in a sense, so that would fix the kinetic energy issue.

Peter Ahlstrom

It depends on where in his jump he starts storing the weight. I’ll have to look at the scene. We worked on making this consistent for the Era 2 leatherbounds, but did not do it for the Era 1 leatherbounds.

#30 Copy


According to Wax's conversation with Khriss at the party in New Seran, changing weight while falling doesn't have any effect. However, storing/tapping weight while Pushing laterally through the air follows the conservation of momentum.

Peter Ahlstrom

Yeaahh…I will probably have to revise the first part of that discussion when we do the leatherbound for Bands of Mourning. It really isn’t consistent with the second part and how we’ve been accounting for it after it was determined that momentum is conserved. There is at least one scene in The Lost Metal where this comes into play.


Is part of the issue that Wax is creating a false dichotomy between gravity and a Steelpush? (As both the force of gravity and the force of a Steelpush should change as he changes mass?)

Peter Ahlstrom

There does appear to be a false dichotomy, but it’s about velocity rather than force.

#31 Copy


You have mentioned before that people should read one of the non-Mistborn stories in Arcanum Unbounded prior to The Lost Metal. Can you tell us which?

Brandon Sanderson

If I tell you, it will spoil a character who doesn't reveal themselves immediately in the Lost Metal. So I've been careful not to say.

#32 Copy


My understanding is that Brandon thinks it is a plothole that lerasium can be burned by Scadrian (regardless of if they are Mistings/Mistborn) but atium can't.

His solution is to retcon the Pits to naturally produce an atium/electrum alloy, presumably by the design of Preservation. Therefore we don't know what pure atium looks like or does when used in any magic.

Peter Ahlstrom

We do know what it does. It’s on the Allomancy poster, and the effect appeared one time at the end of Hero of Ages.


Interesting. Do you know if he had already conceived the retcon by the time the poster was written, or if that line about pure atium just turned out to fit really well retroactively?

Peter Ahlstrom

The retcon is way older than a lot of people assume.


Does this mean he had it in mind by the time Hero of Ages released (since the first public version of the poster dates to 2008), or just that it's old but not sure exactly how old?

Peter Ahlstrom

Remember that what's in the books is filtered through the understanding of the characters. So even if Brandon planned it from the beginning, if the characters didn't know about it, it's not going to come out in the book.

And see this thread reply from 2009.

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[Hoid] was beheaded in Dragonsteel Prime and the Dawnshard is what regrew his head. He makes a crack about always thinking his head would have grown a new body, not vice versa, as he stares at his own severed head.


Slightly related: If the Dawnshard let Hoid regrow his entire head, will it eventually give Rysn back the use of her legs?

Peter Ahlstrom

The different dawnshards have different powers.

Information subject to change when it appears in canon.

#34 Copy


When Zane is talking to Straff about Luthadel and whether they have the Atium, he is told by 'God' (Ruin) to kill Straff. Zane responds in his thoughts which we are told time and again that Ruin cannot read thoughts, even for spiked individuals like Marsh. However, Ruin directly responds to Zane's thoughts.

The full quote is

"Kill him!" God yelled. "You hate him! He kept you in squalor, forcing you to fight for your survival as a child."

He made me strong, Zane thought.

"Then use that strength to kill him!"

How could Ruin have known what Zane thought? Was this just a mistake or do you think it was intentional (perhaps Zane murmering under his breath)?

Peter Ahlstrom

Ruin is not always paying close attention and sending specific words into Zane’s mind. Sometimes Zane’s own mind supplies the words to go with the impressions that Ruin is sending.

#35 Copy


Aight I always thought that shades mar was just the term used on roshar for cognitive realm. I guess it’s just a widely considered term used in the cosmere

Peter Ahlstrom

Yeah, I'm not sure how this idea got started, but Shadesmar is not just a Rosharan term. It's widely used.

#37 Copy


All very cool. Would it be wrong to guess that Autonomy turned dockworker Trell into an avatar. Had him worldhop to Scadrial and found the original version of "Trellism" in the distant past.

I have to imagine that rando isn't named Trell as a red herring, though it's hard to see Autonomy being so into a random longshoreman.

Peter Ahlstrom

There is a visual hint in White Sand.

#38 Copy


Man the way pattern is running never fails to crack me up.

Ben McSweeney

What's extra funny is that I threw that in there with a bit of silly doggerel as a joke during layouts, expecting it to be pulled and replaced later. Instead they kept the drawing (though we ditched the poem, and thank goodness for that).


Do you remember what the poem was? I'm interested now

Ben McSweeney

I've never seen a Cryptic run,And I hope to never see one.For if I saw a Cryptic running,I would dearly fear the reason.

Shallan should stick to observational notes. ;)

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