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Miscellaneous 2014 ()
#1 Copy


"The sun hadn't quite set, but in the darkening sky, stars had begun to appear around Talns Scar. The Tear hung just above the horizon, a star much brighter than the others, named for the single tear Reya was said to have shed." ([Words of Radiance] Kindle Edition, pg. 362 of 1080)

Since we know the names of all the Heralds, I can only surmise Reya is Cultivation's real name and that the tear she shed was when Tanavast died.


Peter Ahlstrom

Reya is somebody female and important.

/r/books AMA 2015 ()
#3 Copy


The stars Vin sees from Scadrial are the same as the stars as can be seen on Threnody, yes? Would Taln's Scar or the Tear from Roshar also be visible from other Cosmere worlds?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes. But remember that on Scadrial, stars weren't an oft-seen feature in the original trilogy.