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The Great American Read: Other Worlds with Brandon Sanderson ()
#1 Copy

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Really, the third [White Sand graphic novel] is where we've done the most work, because authors... this happens to a lot of us. Early work, we're good at doing scenes, and we're bad at endings, we're bad at bringing them together. And that's one of the things that I got better at over the years. And the ending of this one had some good things, but it had some really off-kilter things that we're fixing.


Are they gonna go to [Darkside]?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Don't have the plans yet, because I never wrote that book. But I do still have the outline, so it's possible that I'll go and I'll get with Ric. (Who I really like; Ric has been great to work with. One of the best experiences I've had in collaborating has been working with Ric.) I can see myself saying, "Here are our story beats. I'm doing some dialogue, you're translating." We can maybe do something. But I can't promise.

The other thing is, we have that old Mistborn script, from the video game, that I could also turn into a graphic novel.

Skyward San Diego signing ()
#2 Copy


You mentioned White Sands Volume 3. Do we have a release date for that?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

We do not have a release date but the script is done. We like the script. We've fixed slatrification, we hope. The ending is much improved over the novel in our humble opinions.


You published that as part of Arcanum Unbounded...

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Just the sample. If you want to read the whole prose edition, just sign up for the newsletter. It sends you a link to download it. Or you can just ask from the 17th Shard. I let them distribute that. The ending of that has one really good element and one really bad element, and we took out the bad element and focused on the good element. I think it really kinda came together.

General Reddit 2018 ()
#3 Copy


Then, at the sixth chapter [of White Sand Volume 2] I was like "ugh... A new artist.." and then I was all like "Oh! A new artist!" I hope new Julius stays on for the rest of the series.

Peter Ahlstrom

Sadly, new Julius has other commitments, but the current proposed artist looks promising.


Oh yeah? Who's that going to be?

Peter Ahlstrom

That's not for me to announce.


Are you able to speak to what drove the change to a new artist?

Peter Ahlstrom

I believe not.

State of the Sanderson 2018 ()
#5 Copy

Brandon Sanderson

Updates on Secondary Projects

White Sand

Graphic Novel Two came out this year, and was very well received. (Save for the forced artist change, something I hated to have to do. That said, the new artist is doing a fantastic job.) Graphic Novel Three is the end of this sequence, and is well on its way to being completed.

The prose version is still available if you sign up for my mailing list. Though remember, we've made numerous updates to the story during the adaptation process.

I have no immediate plans to do sequels to this in graphic novel form, though you can expect stories set on Taldain to happen in the future.

Status: Final graphic novel is well under way. Release in 2019 or early 2020 likely.