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General Reddit 2016 ()
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Brandon Sanderson

I think /u/Tellingdwar IS Tellingdwar though, which is still pretty cool. (I got the character from him.)


Wait really? I always thought it was his account that was named after the character.

Brandon Sanderson

He wore a terrisman costume to gencon one year, then was my faithful steward during a RPG session for the Mistborn game. After that, he ended up in the books.

Arcanum Unbounded release party ()
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So, Mistborn RPG books. There's a side section that is written to help explain the book. But, the narrator's name is Brandon. Did you actually do that?

Brandon Sanderson

It's not always me, I'm afraid. The sidebars are all me. I wrote the sidebars. But, for some of these things, I just didn't have time. So we talked it through, and my sentiment is in there, but it wasn't me writing the campaign. Sorry. I have actually played it. In fact, I've got a good story about this. The Mistborn RPG, pen-and-paper RPG. We played with fans one time at GenCon. One guy didn't get into the game. He was so sad, because he had come in his Terrisman costume. And it was a really good one; he had shaved his head and everything, right? He was awesome. But he's also, like, five-foot-five, which is a short Terrisman. So, he was this awesome Terrisman, and I so said, "Don't worry. You can come and be my steward." So, as I played, he brought me water rolled my dice and did all these things. And I named him Tellingdwar. And then I put him in the books. So if you read them, Era 2, Tellingdwar is in there. That is my Terrisman steward from the Mistborn RPG game.