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Secret Project #4 Reveal and Livestream ()
#3 Copy


You decided to be up-front that Secret Project Four is "Stormlight-adjacent." If it's not a spoiler to clarify further: would you say it is more or less relevant to Stormlight Archive than Secret History is to Mistborn?

Brandon Sanderson

I'd say it's less relevant to Stormlight Archive than Secret History is to Mistborn. By a fair margin because things that are happening in Secret History are really relevant to Era 3. What's happening here is not on the same level, but is decently relevant to the future of the Cosmere. If that makes sense. The protagonist of Sunlit Man is a major player in the future of the Cosmere, but not as much in the future of Stormlight.

Supanova 2017 - Sydney ()
#4 Copy

Darkness (paraphrased)

Did the person Sigzil tried to kill actually die, and then afterward become not dead?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

We'll RAFO that, mostly because I intend to dig into Sigzil's past more.

Darkness (paraphrased)

Ok so you're probably going to RAFO who it was?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

Yeah… mmhmm… but we do get a Sigzil viewpoint in this next book so…

Darkness (paraphrased)

Good! I like Sigzil.

Secret Project #4 Reveal and Livestream ()
#6 Copy


How long have you planned for Sigzil to have a bigger story than in the first few Stormlight books?

Brandon Sanderson

Since the first few Stormlight books. Since I made the decision that I couldn't tell the stories I wanted to tell with Hoid because of who he was becoming and I wanted several apprentices of Hoid that I could use to tell those stories. Sigzil has been on this path for quite a while, I would say since the first Stormlight book. Since I decided to make him Hoid's apprentice, when I was working on Stormlight 1, I knew that I was going to have stories for him in the future. Whether I could write full length books about them, I was uncertain. Which is why when I had the opportunity to sit down and do a Secret Project that was just for me, I picked that one, because I've wanted to tell the stories of Hoid's apprentices for quite a while, and this was a chance to do so.

Dragonsteel 2023 ()
#7 Copy


Is there a specific reason as to why Hoid cannot Skip, but Nomad can?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes, there is a specific reason for that. I'll get into it someday. Let's just say the Skipping started because of a certain event, that probably I won't write a book to talk about, but you will get an answer to that someday I hope. So it's a RAFO, but a RAFO with a little bit of a promise.