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General Reddit 2021 ()
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When I first read through the books I thought of mistcloaks like normal cloaks with strips of fabric sown into like how a normal ghillie suit is not the shredded cloak style it actually is. Did anybody else think this?

Ben McSweeney

There’s some variety in mistcloaks, depending on Noble House and the Era involved. They all have tassels or strips, but some are interwoven and some are layered, some start above the shoulders while others split below, sometimes they have hoods and sometimes they don’t.

There’s room for other types.

Words of Radiance Backerkit Product Preview ()
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Brandon Sanderson

And, mistcloak, we do get occasional mistcloak questions! One of the reasons we haven't done a mistcloak is I imagine that every Mistborn makes their own mistcloak, so they should all look different. I don't want to have necessarily a standardized mistcloak. I want you guys to be able to design your mistcloak and wear it because that's what happened in-world, is you'd be like, "well I know generally what these things look like, I'll commission or make my own." And then that's what it's supposed to look like. So the mistcloaks you make are all canon, because that's how they're done. And having an official one doesn't quite sit right with me. 

FanX 2021 ()
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Mistcloaks. Do they have sleeves?

Brandon Sanderson

They usually do not, but there are ones that do. Every mistcloak is built by the Mistborn, or commissioned, there's no standardized what a mistcloak even looked like, they're all kind of like individually built.