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Orem signing ()
#4 Copy


Evi, in Oathbringer, she uses strange idioms and you mentioned you wanna be on the lookout for people who use strange idioms... Is Evi native to Roshar?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes... Her people are related to the Iri, who are not native to Roshar. But she is not Iriali herself. And all the Iriali, they are native to Roshar, people who are born now, even if their people aren't. So Evi-- You can say, right, like, no humans are native to Roshar. But, yes, she was born on Roshar.


...Would she might have some of the same blood in her that Vivenna and Siri would have?

Brandon Sanderson

Viviena and Siri... Oh, from... Ah, I'll RAFO that.

Steelheart Portland signing ()
#5 Copy


Is what Navani said about Dalinar's wife accurate?

Brandon Sanderson

What specifically?


She says that she thought they could have been friends.


And that she's kind of the unassuming personality, the sweetness…

Brandon Sanderson

Yes, yes. That is correct.


Correct objectively or correct in her opinion?

Brandon Sanderson

Oh, definitely correct in her opinion. But yes. And Navani is something of a slightly untrustworthy narrator, but I would go with, in that case, the fact that she's saying it and not being angry and– Her natural instinct would be to hate this woman; that's how Navani is, and the fact that she doesn't probably means that in this case she's being pretty truthful.

Holiday signing ()
#7 Copy

Questioner 1

Can you tell me the name of Dalinar's wife?

Brandon Sanderson

Well…  I can but I'm not going to, because it's not that big a deal but it is something for him in the books. I would just rather you read it in the books, but you will find out.

Questioner 2

Will it be in the third book?

Brandon Sanderson

Well in the flashbacks he doesn't have that issue so when you see her from his viewpoint in the flashbacks he can say her name and he can hear it. So the flashbacks involve him meeting her and things like that, so you'll know her name then. And it's not like some big secret like "Oh her name--" but I would rather you just read it there.

General Reddit 2017 ()
#8 Copy


Chapter 36: Hero

Dalinar thinking about Evi.

With that pale hair and light golden skin, she was like a glowing gemstone.

Now, maybe I am confused about Iri looks, but shouldn't it be other way around, pale skin and light golden hair?

Peter Ahlstrom

Evi is Riran, so she has blonde hair rather than actual golden. The skin here is how we might describe someone in our world that way, rather than literal golden.

/r/books AMA 2015 ()
#9 Copy


Will we be finding out what Dalinar's wife's name was, or has her name been similarly wiped from the flashbacks like Dalinar's mind?

Brandon Sanderson

I feel I should RAFO questions about the flashbacks, except to say that I wouldn't jump into them without understanding what readers want to see--and either fulfilling that, or subverting it in the name of the story. (The latter happening very rarely.)