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Idaho Falls signing ()
#2 Copy


How many kings have had a Wit?

Brandon Sanderson

It is common for a king to have a Wit.


Has Hoid been more than just Elhokar and Jasnah's Wit?

Brandon Sanderson

He has been. Most Wits, historically, were a little more fool-like, more court-jestery. Wit does not think highly of that. But there have been others in the past that were more like what he would think what a Wit should be.

The Dusty Wheel Interview ()
#3 Copy

The Dusty Wheel

Where does your favorite scene take place in this book [Rhythm of War]?

Brandon Sanderson

In this one it's in Part 4. It's a character who only has one viewpoint in Part 4. It is the ... Let's just say it's the chapter in this book where we get a story from Wit. We usually get one in every book - sometimes two - we get one in this book and it's the chapter that has his story.