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YouTube Livestream 32 ()
#3 Copy

Amber Burningham

Would someone with a strong moral compass such as Kaladin and Dalinar consider Wit's alignment moral?

Brandon Sanderson

Dalinar is more likely to understand than Kaladin, because Dalinar's been in positions. Kaladin is less likely to, but it depends on what aspects of what Hoid's doing you're taking about.

Idaho Falls signing ()
#4 Copy


How many kings have had a Wit?

Brandon Sanderson

It is common for a king to have a Wit.


Has Hoid been more than just Elhokar and Jasnah's Wit?

Brandon Sanderson

He has been. Most Wits, historically, were a little more fool-like, more court-jestery. Wit does not think highly of that. But there have been others in the past that were more like what he would think what a Wit should be.

The Dusty Wheel Interview ()
#6 Copy

The Dusty Wheel

Where does your favorite scene take place in this book [Rhythm of War]?

Brandon Sanderson

In this one it's in Part 4. It's a character who only has one viewpoint in Part 4. It is the ... Let's just say it's the chapter in this book where we get a story from Wit. We usually get one in every book - sometimes two - we get one in this book and it's the chapter that has his story.