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Any update on the White Sand omnibus?

Brandon Sanderson

I don't know if we have an update. The publisher came through with their plan, and I know that Isaac is making the final, last tweaks he can before it goes to press. So, we are very close, and it is coming. I think you guys are really gonna like it. Isaac has slaved over this to try to bring it more in-line with cosmere continuity and the way that we wanted the visuals to work. And White Sand was a learning experience; the White Sand omnibus is much more of a canon experience. It's almost like, the original White Sands, you supported us in an alpha version of it.

I have no specific update, but I know it's really close.

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I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions about the White Sand omnibus, as I've gotten the impression you're mostly the one running that?

  1. Khriss prologue: Is this Khriss's introduction from the prose, or is it a different scene?
  2. Slatrification: Brandon's mentioned wanting to retcon out slatrification, and Volume 3 does not contain the main (I think only?) time it was actually used in the prose. However, in Volume 1, it is mentioned a few times by a couple characters. Are you changing this in the omnibus, or is this being left as-is?
  3. Khriss's notes: Are these just things from the prose that didn't really make it through into the graphic novel prior, or will we be getting some new nuggets of information as well?

Isaac Stewart

  1. Khriss's introduction is adapted from the prose but has been changed to better fit her character and the needs of the rest of the store.
  2. Slatrification was never meant to even be in Volume 1, but somehow it slipped in. Slatrification has been entirely edited out of the omnibus.
  3. Khriss's notes are meant to help flesh out the world in ways a graphic novel normally can't. Some of it is world building that has been taken and adapted from the prose. There's new stuff there, though. I hope readers will enjoy it!
General Reddit 2021 ()
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I've been wanting White Sand for a while. But E-books hurt my eyes, so I've been looking for a physical copy. I have no trouble finding either the 2nd or 3rd volume, but I can't find the first.

Brandon Sanderson

As others have said, compilation is incoming soon. Don't buy expensive copies. Wait until the whole thing is out in one.