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Words of Radiance San Francisco signing ()
#2 Copy


In the [Purelake vision that Dalinar had in WoR] there was a pouch that the Shardbearer grabbed when the spren went into the ground. I was wondering what is this pouch? Is it a fabrial? Was it important? It was just sitting there, sitting there!

Brandon Sanderson

You need to get at least one RAFO. I'm not saying that's an important thing--



Brandon Sanderson might be, but you need to get at least one RAFO from me, so that's the one I'm gonna RAFO.

Arcanum Unbounded Seattle signing ()
#4 Copy


Are there any other spren from Odium aside from voidspren?

Brandon Sanderson

Voidspren is a name for spren from Odium, it covers entire categories of spren.


So they're all just generically voidspren?

Brandon Sanderson

Voidspren is a name for them, yes, but there are sub-divisions of things like this.


Can you break that down more?

Brandon Sanderson

You will get that broken down in future books as it becomes more obvious what does what, coz they have their own thing that, I'm just going to stop. That's a RAFO.

Oathbringer Chicago signing ()
#5 Copy


So, there are ten orders of the Knights Radiant, ten spren, ten Surges. And there are a lot of parallels with the Fused. Do they-- Are there ten Voidspren, that match up to ten--

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

RAFO, but there wouldn't be ten. 


There'd be nine.