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General Reddit 2016 ()
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Scadrial question: When coming up with twinborns, do you actively avoid the incredibly overpowered combinations? Something like pure steel twinborns seem extremely overpowered.

Also, can we get an idea for how many twinborns exist? Is it dozens? Hundreds? Thousands?

Brandon Sanderson

I'm going to have to talk about them eventually, but yes, I made some deliberate choices for the Alloy era heroes.

My intent is that they're very rare, but there's this problem in fiction. You can say something is very rare, but if your two main characters are that thing, readers won't FEEL it. So I avoid making too big a deal out of it either way. Either way, I don't have the numbers handy right now.

Alloy of Law Seattle Signing ()
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Travyl (paraphrased)

Why do the Twinborn in Alloy of Law have only one feruchemical power, when all previous feruchemists, in spite of breeding programs, could use all the metals? 

WetlanderNW (paraphrased)

Or were Ferrings always part of the system and we just didn't meet them in Mistborn?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

The Ferrings are a new development since Mistborn, as the Feruchemists have been interbreeding with the Allomancers. Basically, the Allomancy genes interfere with the Feruchemistry genes, breaking it down and creating the limitations we see in Alloy of Law.

Footnote: Brandon's response was very enthusiastic. He noted how perceptive the question was, and obviously enjoyed the discussion. The reporter was expressed their regret at lack of a audio recording to share his enthusiasm.
Sources: Tor
Shadows of Self release party ()
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Are we ever going to get a list of Wayne's Twinborn names?

Brandon Sanderson

Heh, what do you mean? The--


He claims to have all the Twinborns memorized?

Brandon Sanderson

Oh, okay.


Are we going to have a list of that anywhere sometime?

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah I think I let the RPG go wild with naming them, and-- I haven't named them all, I'll be honest with you. I name the ones that I need when I need them.

Idaho Falls signing ()
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Are we ever gonna see more names for specific types of Twinborns?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes, I intend to do more of those as the Eras progress. There are so many to name that I don't know that I'll ever release a chart of all of them, and partially I don't want to canonize names because I might decide something sounds cooler for when I actually use that person's powers in a book.

Idaho Falls signing ()
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Are we ever gonna see a Twinborn who has Feruchemical iron and Allomantic pewter, and he's pretty much-- sort of like how Ham was training Vin about how to use her body, and we just gonna see this amazing martial artist on a massive scale?

Brandon Sanderson

It is totally possible. I'm not gonna promise any given combination, 'cause the-- I've changed several times the powersets of characters while I'm planning, so.