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Skyward release party ()
#4 Copy


In the Stormlight Archive, you've got the actual book The Way of Kings, are you planning to write it?

Brandon Sanderson

No, I am not. I feel like it would be an exercise that would take a lot of effort for very little value to the community or to myself. I like it also being opened-ended so I can be like, "Oh, this should be in there," and then be like "Hey, here is a new quote from The Way of Kings".

Words of Radiance Philadelphia signing ()
#6 Copy


I was wondering about the in-world text, the Way of Kings. It's older than those 4500 years, right?

Brandon Sanderson

It was written by Nohadon.


Especially since Jasnah mentioned how all the texts have been corrupted or changed since then, especially the ones dealing with the Radiants, I was wondering if we will find out how the Way of Kings survived intact for so long, or if it actually did, or if it's...

Brandon Sanderson

They do say that...well let's just say that some books exist in translation over the centuries with the primary text having been lost, or things like this.


But you're not going to say if the translation is guaranteed to be accurate.

Brandon Sanderson

I am not going to say that.

Arcanum Unbounded Hoboken signing ()
#8 Copy

PatrickDiomedes (paraphrased)

Will we ever get some sort of dictionary/guide to Aons or Forging? One that tells us how they're made, with what all the various parts of a seal mean and how we could theoretically design them?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

We might, but it would be a ton of work for him to put together. He compared it to when people ask if we'll ever get the full text of The Way of Kings--the in-universe book--and he said that we might, but all he has is an outline.