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Legion Release Party ()
#1 Copy


At the time of the Recreance, were there any Bondsmiths?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

This is a plot point. You are supposed to be asking that question.


I was mostly trying to find out if the Sibling was bonded, and if the break in the bond is what caused the Sibling to go into slumber

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Let's just say this is a RAFO with the promise that I intend to answer the question relatively quickly.

Skyward Pre-Release AMA ()
#2 Copy


Would you be willing to confirm that the use of 'they' pronouns for the Sibling is because the Sibling is non-binary? Since apparently some people are confused on this point.

Brandon Sanderson

The sibling did not view themselves as male or female. (And considered it odd that so many spren would adopt human genders.)