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Dragonsteel 2023 ()
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I was wondering if the Skybreakers' armor spren... what spren they are?

Brandon Sanderson

Well... Do you have any guesses?



Brandon Sanderson

No, not stormspren, good guess. Any other guesses?

Gravitationspren. We're going with gravitationspren for them. So you should see some little hints of that in future books.

And this isn't too much of a spoiler 'cause we will be releasing all of these when the RPG comes out, 'cause you gotta know how you get your armor when you play the RPG. Interview ()
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The other thing is, because we now have the Kickstarter and you have been working so hard within the last year with all the canonical designs for the characters and everything, and it's really exciting and pleasing to see Shallan turning into life and Kaladin and Szeth and everybody. What is the thing that—besides the statue the statue from Kaladin and Szeth but—what is the thing that you would like to see, what is the thing that will make you happy to see next as a project if not the minis, or what are you expecting?

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah. After the minis I would say that I am really excited to start work on an RPG—a pen and paper RPG. I really like the Mistborn one, but I have a lot more experience now and I think I know better how to mechanically come up with something like this and how to make sure all the artwork works and things like that so doing a pen and paper RPG I'm pretty excited for that idea. That would be the product I'm most excited for. But there are a few things in the Year of Sanderson that I can't talk about now that I designed that I'm also really excited about. Interview ()
#3 Copy

For the announcement that the Brotherwise <team> and you also shared, it's supposed we will have this RPG in 2024?

Brandon Sanderson

Well, we will likely have a Kickstarter for it in 2024, that's the plan. It's gonna take us that much time—uh, another two years—before we have a product. Until we know we have something that we can sell, does that make sense? We're gonna take that time to make sure that we are confident in it, that we have it done. But we probably won't be shipping in 2024 be my guess. It's possible we will be, but my guess would be we run a Kickstarter in the fall of 2024 for the RPG to arrive sometime after that.