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JordanCon 2021 ()
#1 Copy


Is there a significance between Harmony and Discord being musical terms? And would they be considered different Investiture tones? 

Brandon Sanderson

Yes and no. So what's going on here is that... it is significant, I chose those two terms very specifically. Not gonna tell you a lot about Discord or things like that, but the idea is that idea of Harmony is in... the sounds are in harmony, they are working together. In Discord they are not. I wouldn't call them Investiture tones, more the way the two tones are responding to each other.

C2E2 2024 ()
#2 Copy

Selkier (paraphrased)

Do the Tones of Roshar have a form as light—as in light waves—besides just sound waves?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

I think you could make a machine that could measure it, yes, as in it has physical properties

Footnote: Placement of the physical properties bit is iffy but he 100% mentioned you could make a machine, he also stopped himself from saying “without saying too much”
Direct submission by Selkier