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State of the Sanderson 2023 ()
#2 Copy

Brandon Sanderson

Part Five: Updates on Minor Projects


No movement. (Remember that part about me only being able to do so much?) Someday.


Finished. Nothing to report, though Steven Bohls is still interested in doing some more Reckoners, so maybe someday.

The Original

I keep letting this one slip through the cracks. Will try to get you all an ebook.

Unnamed Dan and Isaac Cosmere Novels

Both have made progress this year! But we’re doing this slowly and right. So nothing really to report yet, though Isaac has some words farther below.

Various Cosmere books I Might Write Someday

The Night Brigade, Dragonsteel, the Silence Divine, the Grand Apparatus, Mythos, the Aether World book series…wow, this list keeps growing. My my.