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Tel Aviv Signing ()
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When will we see a continuation for the Kelsier story?

Brandon Sanderson

You'll see a little glimpse of it in Wax and Wayne 4. Otherwise, you're gonna have to wait for either [Mistborn] Era 3, or if I manage to do a Secret History 2. Which I can't promise that I'll be able to do.


Secret History was I think my best part of the Mistborn series.

Brandon Sanderson

Oh. Thank you. I do want to do one, but we're gonna have to see where the time... where deadlines fall and stuff like that.

Skyward Seattle signing ()
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I like Mistborn: Secret History. Is there going to be a Mistborn: Secret History 2?

Brandon Sanderson

I hope to be able to write one. But this comes back to the "Let's make sure I'm getting the things that I have promised sequels to moving at a reasonable rate before I do side projects like that." So, I'd like to do one, but I'm not promising one.

FanX 2018 ()
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Is finding out what the deal was with Mare, is that an Era 2 thing we're going find out or is that...

Brandon Sanderson

No, unfortunately it is to be left, probably, as a mystery. It is a minor secret that I do not consider a major Cosmere thing, more of a backstory thing. I might eventually get around to it. The chances of it factoring in are very, very slim. I stay closed lipped about it because there is a part of me that thinks I will work it into Secret History 2, sort of like flash-backing material, but I'm not 100% sure I will.

JordanCon 2021 ()
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Was Kelsier directly involved in causing the showdown with Bloody Tan that ended up with Lessie...

Brandon Sanderson

No. As I have it written right now, no. Indirectly involved, possibly, but this is not an outcome he wanted, it's not something he influenced, and not something I would even say that he was aware was happening. I haven't written Secret History 2, so that's totally possible that... But I don't have it planned for him to be involved right now.

JordanCon 2018 ()
#5 Copy


Are we gonna possibly get another Mistborn: Secret [History]...

Brandon Sanderson

So, depends on my time. Like, Mistborn: Secret History, I started writing in 2006, and I released it in... 2016. So, it took, like, 10 years to get that, because it was a side-project of a side-project. It's, like, so self-indulging, Mistborn: Secret History is...

So, Secret History 2, will I ever have time to do that? Well, it depends on if I can do it in a way I don't feel is interfering with the main Cosmere timeline. Because we would all like to see Secret History 2. But not if it means we don't get Stormlight 9, if that makes sense. It's gonna depend on my writing time, on how I'm feeling about various things. You are more likely to get it the more I work on Era 3, because Kelsier is a part of Era 3.