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General Twitter 2017 ()
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Payden McRoberts

So with the great map in Oathbringer, I was able to update my map of Roshar from space! Enjoy!

As always, thanks to @BrandSanderson, @IzykStewart, and @PeterAhlstrom for making such an inspiring and awesome world.


Peter Ahlstrom

Did you use the one from the ebook? Also your equator is too high...

Payden McRoberts (Part 1/Part 2)

Yeah, I made a grid of 100 degrees latitude and 200 longitude, projected it into azimuthal equidistant, and wasn’t quite able to match it to the graticule in the ebook map. I got it as close as I could and assumed your projection was slightly different.



Is the equator supposed to go through the top of Kadrix?

Peter Ahlstrom

Yes. Through the word Kadrix. I’m guessing the latitude the projection is centered on is a bit off.

YouTube Livestream 35 ()
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The Sunny One

I've been rereading the earlier Cosmere titles recently, and I was wondering: are we ever likely to see full world maps for these locations?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes, probably during next age, or next era. Once we get to modern era, and their mapping technology is to a modern equivalent, you'll start seeing full world maps. I'd love to do globes; I don't know how much interest there is in a Roshar globe, but I've wanted to do that for years.