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YouTube Weekly Updates 2021 ()
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Brandon Sanderson

Remember next week we have the new Reckoners novel, which is audio only right now. Why audio only? Well, Audible actually funded it. Audible’s the one that paid for us to spend the time and put this all together. There will be a print edition eventually. But right now we’re pretty happy with the fact that Audible, who had the audio rights to the previous Reckoners novels, they wanted more. They were really excited by the idea of getting more, and they’re some of the ones that pushed for it. This wouldn’t exist without Max at Mainframe who is my business partner over there, who is running that side of things really well and making audiobooks. And without Audible wanting a fourth Reckoners novel, which I wanted to do but just didn’t quite have the time or motivation or things like that. Eventually we’ll get an eBook and an audiobook, a print book, and an eBook out eventually. For now, audio original.

If you want to see more sorts of things like this, let me know, like by go purchase the book. Let me know what you think of it. Lux is a big experiment. I really want to hear from you guys on if this is the sort of thing you want me to be doing more of.

YouTube Livestream 33 ()
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Brandon Sanderson

Over time, those three [Lux] novellas morphed into a single novel. Each draft, they were more like that, until finally, we were just, like, "This is just a novel." Because originally, it was, like, three novellas about three different characters. Then it was three novellas about one character doing three different missions. Then it was three different novellas taking this one mission and breaking it into three parts. And then its, like, "Okay, it's just a novel."

YouTube Livestream 33 ()
#5 Copy

Brandon Sanderson

It [Lux] starts during the events of Calamity, the third Reckoners novel, and goes past the events of the end of Calamity.

Steven Bohls

Ultimately, what we decided was to start it around middle of Calamity, and then have it go past the end of Calamity with kind of the promise that we'll see post-Calamity as the story progresses.

Brandon Sanderson

And if people really like this book, we have plans for how to kind of integrate it a little bit more into some of the characters. It was important to us that this one be standalone; that if you haven't read the first three, this one stands on its own, it introduces the premise again but it works on its own. And so you're not gonna see a ton. You'll see little easter egg connections that we're building toward; hopefully people really enjoy this and we'll do some more with this.