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Words of Radiance Seattle signing ()
#1 Copy

AhoyMatey (paraphrased)

Is there anything that I should have asked that I didn’t?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

Probably not… Do you know if anyone has figured out the hidden things in the map of Roshar?

AhoyMatey (paraphrased)

Commentary: We discussed the pattern 15 code for a bit. I’m glad it’s been solved! He said that it wouldn’t be earth shattering, but it would be cool to know. And boy, it was!

Skyward release party ()
#2 Copy


You used the Julia Set as a basis for the map of Roshar; Is there any meaning beyond it, using the Julia Set? Or is more, "This is striking to me-"

Brandon Sanderson

The meaning is my fascination as a layman with fractals and equations. It is supposed to mean something in world; that Roshar was grown with a mathematical equation.


But not specifically that one?

Brandon Sanderson

Not specifically the Julia Set. You can't learn much from the Julia Set.