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Skyward Chicago signing ()
#2 Copy


Hesina received a letter from her family talking about new fabrials. Is she related perhaps to someone like Navani?

Brandon Sanderson

See, there's too much wiggle room in that. Yes. But. Not probably as closely as your question is implying.

Emerald City Comic Con 2018 ()
#3 Copy


Are both of Kaladin's maternal... grandparents darkeyes?

Brandon Sanderson

No. Good question. I think you're the first one to pull that out of me...

There's one question, or two questions in [the signing line], that I know are driving your brains crazy, that are not as clear-cut in my answers as you might assume they are. One is about Kaladin's mother.

Firefight Seattle UBooks signing ()
#4 Copy


Can you tell me anything about Kaladin's maternal grandparents?

Brandon Sanderson

Let's just say that his mother [Hesina]--you're asking a very astute question--gave up more than most people gave up in that city to go be what she became. She's definitely fallen in social standing since her childhood. She took a hit.