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Arcanum Unbounded Hoboken signing ()
#1 Copy


I wondered if I could follow up to that Machiavelli question. Would Elsecallers be a-- one of those other, uh-- one of those...

Brandon Sanderson

So, yeah. Elsecallers are fairly compatible. Like, Elsecallers feel like the journey is... the journey is the entire species, right? And that the journey is the destination. *inaudible*

#SayTheWords ()
#2 Copy

Dan Wells

Sixth Epoch, Year 31, Palahakah 5.8.5.


Is it bad to say that I don't like one of the Radiant Orders? Because I don't like Elsecallers. It's not that I don't trust them per se, it's that I don't know what they're doing or why they're doing it or what their final goals might be. So yes, fine, you're right, I don't trust them. 

Elsecallers are all about potential and progress. What can you become, and how can you work to be a better version of that then? Which sounds great and all I guess, especially if you want to be a scholar or something. Elsecaller oaths and values can help you become the best scholar you can be. But what if you want to be a king? That's a bad example, kings can be good. What if you specifically want to be a tyrant? A thief? A criminal mastermind? A murderer? The Elsecaller Oaths and values can help you be that too. And no, I'm not talking about anyone in particular.

All of the Elsecallers I know are kind. Well maybe "polite," is a better word? All of the Elsecallers I know are polite, and... careful. Cautious? Wise, certainly and- what's the word I'm looking for? It's not "well-adjusted," goodness no. Well-considered! All of the Elsecallers I know are kind, cautious and well-considered. That's an endorsement. Right? 

Let's put it this way. If you have an Elsecaller on your side, you're going to better off than if you didn't. They're smart, strategic, and capable. They know logistics, they know tactics, and they can travel through other cultures and mindsets and literally other worlds, better than almost anyone. They're ambitious, and they have the skills to back that ambition up. And if you don't have an Elsecaller on your side? If you're so unlucky that you've got an Elsecaller on the opposite side? Well... watch out.

Dragonsteel 2023 ()
#3 Copy


You've said previously that the Oathgates don't obey Physical Realm speed of light. Do they obey the speed of light in Shadesmar? Or are they tapping into the Spiritual Realm shenanigans?

Brandon Sanderson

They're tapping into Spiritual Realm shenanigans. An Elsecaller is capable of creating something that can teleport you faster than the speed of light.

Prague Signing ()
#5 Copy


Can you tell me anything about the Elsecallers we don't know yet?

Brandon Sanderson

They should be able to get back out of Shadesmar without having to find a perpendicularity, but Jasnah doesn't know how to do it yet. She should be able to do that, she just hasn't figured it out.