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Skyward Houston signing ()
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What was the thought process behind Shinovar being so similar?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

A couple of reasons. One is, by having some sort of Earth analog on world, I could give some contrast, and I could have a kind of an explanation for why they might use words like chickens until I can get to the big reveal. Like, if there weren't Shinovar there to act as a red herring, I think it would give away the twist very early.

Beyond that, I like the idea of the people that are like us being the alien ones to the society. Kind of helps separate it and say, this is a different world, this is a different culture. So, it gave me a lot of advantages. Plus it also gave an explanation for how they could -- humankind create a foothold on this planet after coming across. So, lots of different thought processes behind that.