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Oathbringer Newcastle signing ()
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Have you thought about doing a continuation of Dreamer?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Occasionally. I haven't found the right thing to do with it yet, though. Dreamer is weird, because it starts off feeling like a Brandon Sanderson story, and a lot of people are like "Woah, I can see a whole world based on this!" And then it goes the horror route, you know, with the kids.


I really liked that. I thought it was a nice twist.

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

The most horrific thing I could think of was giving the kids who play X-Box too much power over peoples' lives.

Firefight Atlanta signing ()
#2 Copy


Are going to do anything else in that world [of Dreamer]

Brandon Sanderson

Probably not. She [Charlaine Harris] wanted me to write a horror story, and I'd never written one before so I said, "All right, what is the most frightening thing I can think of?" The most frightening thing I could think of was the kids who play Xbox having power over real people’s lives, and that’s where that story came from.