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Miscellaneous 2022 ()
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Hello Mr. Stewart. Isaac? Lord Ruler?! Well, anyway, I am very excited to hear that you are working on a Mistborn book! Can you give us any updates on your progress? Hope you are well!

Isaac Stewart

Very kind of you to ask! I just passed 100k words and am very excited by how it's all coming together.

General Reddit 2021 ()
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Isaac Stewart

11/30 - 3359 words (51,584 final for November)

My biggest worry is that I'm not quite halfway done with the story being told. And here I thought I'd be able to finish in 60k words! I'll keep moving through this, though, with the hope to get around 1500-2000 words a day till it's finished.

The TV Guide description of the book: An adventurous woman with erratic magical powers travels with an expedition to an island to find a legendary book with the power to raise an undead army.

This has been a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for letting me be along for the ride!

General Reddit 2021 ()
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Isaac Stewart

Approaching the mid-way point on the book (but not quite there). I'm aiming for around 120k total, which I hope to revise back to around 100k. That seems realistic at this point. Don't know if I'll finish in December, but I'm not planning to ease up on the writing until I finish this draft.