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Bands of Mourning release party ()
#113 Copy


If the Stormfather were to turn into a blade for Dalinar, would it be bigger than other Shardblades?

Brandon Sanderson

Um… That's a RAFO. *people get excited* That doesn't mean that I'm going to answer it, that means that answering it would either canonize something I don't want to canonize or it would mean that it is something irrelevant and I don't want to send fans spiraling into-- and so... It doesn't necessarily mean that something that will be included in the books.

Goodreads: Ask the Author Q&A ()
#115 Copy


If a non-Windrunner Surgebinder (who had spoken all the Ideals of their Radiant Order) summoned Jezrien's Honorblade, what color eyes would they get? A blend? Different colors for each eye?

Brandon Sanderson

:) I'm going to RAFO eye color questions for the moment. We'll actually be dealing with some of these in the books. Maybe not the specific ones you ask, but the concepts in general.

Orem Signing ()
#130 Copy


You've mentioned in the past aluminum savants being able to somewhat heal their spiritweb, healing them of the cracks, sort of healing them of Allomancy. Could a chromium savant do this to other people, kind of like in the Avatar [The Last Airbender] finale where he seals bending?

Brandon Sanderson

I will say RAFO, but I will say you're theorizing along correct directions.

Shadows of Self Portland signing ()
#135 Copy


The more benevolent Shards, like Cultivation or Endowment; how do they feel about Sazed holding two Shards?

Brandon Sanderson

You'll have to ask them. That's a RAFO. I want to stay away from too many questions, about the interaction between Shards beacuse that years off, and I want to be careful not to be saying too much before...

Stormlight Three Update #4 ()
#142 Copy


I was wondering whether any of the Vessels are blood related?

Aside from the romantic relationship between Honor and Cultivation I'm not sure that we know anything about the relationships that others have with each other within the group of 16, and it would be interesting to know.

Brandon Sanderson

I'm saving most of this for Dragonsteel, I'm afraid. So RAFO.

Oathbringer Chicago signing ()
#143 Copy


There is an expensive steel chain in the shops in Celebrant. Is there anything significant about that.

Brandon Sanderson

*Hands over a RAFO card* That is such a big RAFO. Super-big RAFO.

Footnote: OB chapter 102, described as "a long thin silvery chain", not steel
Oathbringer Chicago signing ()
#144 Copy


The last Unmade, the one that's hypothesized to Dai-Gonarthis. It looks suspiciously to me like Cusicesh, because of the feeling of being drained, because it's a large spren-- Is there something to that or is the feeling just because Cusicesh is a large spren?

Brandon Sanderson

I'm gonna RAFO.

Orem Signing ()
#146 Copy


Are there any Knights Radiant who broke their oaths in the Recreance that are still around in present day Stormlight time?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes. Oh, that broke their oaths. You anticipated me. RAFO.


But there are still ones around who haven't?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes, Nale. That's my loophole there. That's who I was thinking of. But you said that did break their oaths, so you anticipated me on that one.