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Dawnshard Annotations Reddit Q&A ()
#1110 Copy


They are not native to Roshar and yet they fit among the Rosharan cremlings so perfectly... So was Rosharan fauna based off of another planet? Or are the crab species on Roshar invasive and from wherever the Sleepless are from? Or are only Rosharan sSleepless made up of crabs because they melded with the local species? Or do living things in the Cosmere evolve into crabs alarmingly often just like in our universe and its a coincidence?

Brandon Sanderson

The ones on other planets will look less like cremlings. Realize that a swarm is always evolving. The first swarm's hordelings were more spider-like when it first came to Roshar.


The theme of generations is also a thing we see with the Kandra, who can also disguise themselves. Were the Kandra perhaps modeled after the Sleepless? Or is there any relation at all between the two?

Brandon Sanderson

No direct relationship here.


Was Aimia originally terraformed to be more like their home ecosystem (just like how Shinovar is like the human home ecosystem)?

Brandon Sanderson


Shadows of Self San Jose signing ()
#1112 Copy


What would happen if a copper-compounder would compound copper?

Brandon Sanderson

A lot of people have been asking that one. I don't know why they've all suddenly latched onto it, but you are going to get RAFO-ed, but I will give you a card. *laughter* I have reserve something for later books.

General Reddit 2015 ()
#1115 Copy


During Adolin's exploration of Urithiru (right before he murders Sadeas) he comes across a painting

A fanciful picture with animals from mythology. He recognized a few from children's stories, like the enormous mink like creature with the mane of hair that burst out around and behind its head. What was it called again?

Let's answer Adolin's question. Is that a lion. Does this mean that normal animals once inhabited Roshar but became extinct or were forced to adapt after the arrival of Odium or the Highstorms. Or maybe these were artist illustrations from stories brought over to Roshar by worldhoppers? What do you think?


With shardpools being a thing and worldhoppers like Hoid being a thing as well it's entirely possible that people brought stories of the fauna of their world with them when they came to Roshar. After all, we know (via Word of Brandon) that the Horneater lakes are shardpools so they could have knowledge of lions via travelers, seeing them in the pools or some other way (worldsingers?)

Edit-- just noticed you mentioned worldhoppers. I think that's what it is, but it could also be stories from the original inhabitants if (big if) the original inhabitants came from elsewhere in the Cosmere.

Edit again -- They might have gone extinct after the arrival of Odium. If the rest of the world was akin to Shinovar prior to Odium then it's entirely possible for their to have been lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!).

Unless someone asks (or has asked) Brandon then I have no clue.

[Brandon]can you aid us in our questions?

Brandon Sanderson

No, it seems like you're asking the right ones.


Can you aid us in getting answers?

Brandon Sanderson

I've done so already, by providing two in-depth discussions of the nature of Roshar. They're called The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance.

YouTube Livestream 32 ()
#1117 Copy


Are any of the Lord Ruler's descendants alive during Era 1?

Brandon Sanderson

RAFO. A lot of people have asked that. The descendants of the Lord Ruler only are things I've confirmed in Words of Brandon, they are not confirmed in book. RAFO. They did exist, he has had progeny.

Words of Radiance Omaha signing ()
#1127 Copy


I was thinking about the Shardplate in Dalinar's first vision and how it looks different than any other plate now.  Would that be like how Syl could only transform after he said that second round... or was it third round of oaths, so is the Shardplate just like the next set, or would that be a totally different set of...?

Brandon Sanderson

I'm totally going to RAFO you.  Look you've got a RAFO.  You are asking good questions.

Salt Lake City signing ()
#1128 Copy


Is that theory correct where, like, the Heralds are basically, like, reversed now. Kind of going against their thing or...

Questioner 2

*laughs* He won't tell us. 

Questioner 1

I know, I know. That was my question, which I knew you wouldn't *inaudible*.

Questioner 2

I just wanna know more what Szeth and the stone is?

Brandon Sanderson

You get-- you get a RAFO card. There you go.